The Tortellino

Tortellino Pasta homemade

Tortellini are a ring-shaped pasta originally from the
Italian region of Emilia Romagna; in particular both Bologna and Modena claim to be its
They are sometimes also described as “naval shaped”, hence their alternative name
“belly button”.
The legend says Venus stayed at an inn, and overcome by her beauty, the innkeeper
spied on her through a keyhole, through which he could only see her navel. It was then
that he got inspired to create a pasta in that shape.
On December 7 th 1974, the “Dotta Confraternita del Tortellino” deposited the recipe for
the perfect Tortellino at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce.
Looking on the internet today, you can find some pretty weird ways of cooking tortellini,
but as a matter of fact, tradition strictly has it in broth only.


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